Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Customer Account Information: Kick Couture acknowledges the importance of data protection and commits to storing only the necessary data for effective customer service. To create a customer account, essential personal data, including first name, last name, email address, addresses, and telephone number, is required. Information marked with an asterisk is indispensable for order processing. Additional personal data is voluntary and contributes to creating a customer profile. This profile aids Kick Couture in data processing, customer account administration, and marketing, such as personalized newsletter distribution based on customer preferences.

Usage of Cookies: Kick Couture utilizes cookies for storing customer transactions and enhancing future visits and purchases. Cookie preferences can be modified in the security settings of the customer's browser.

Google Analytics: For website usage analysis, Kick Couture employs Google Analytics, generating anonymized analyses and diagrams. Google Analytics is utilized for in-house market research and anonymized remarketing strategies to optimize website design according to customer needs.

Third-Party Data Transfer: No personal data is disclosed to third parties without customer consent, except for data required for order fulfillment, payment processing, credit checks, and statistical analyses.

User Control: Customers can update user details at any time in "My account" – "Edit your account information." Address modifications can be made in "My account" – "Modify your address book entries."

Information Utilization: Data received from customers aids in enhancing the shopping experience and crafting an individualized, customer-friendly environment. This information, both customer-transmitted and automatically generated, is used to create relevant advertising tailored to individual interests. Kick Couture ensures the pseudonymized use of this information for analysis, improving the website, and delivering targeted advertising. By analyzing pseudonymized data, we aim to provide customers with advertising that aligns with their preferences, avoiding unnecessary emails and delivering content that genuinely resonates with their interests.